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‘Those who don’t know are ignorant; but those who know and don’t take actions are traitors’ Esmaiel Zamanian

One of the major universal problems is substance abuse and drug addiction and unfortunately our country, Iran, is not an exception.  Addiction to a substance of abuse not only affects the abuser, but it roots in all aspects of his/her family and eventually society. Therefore, it can be named as the major threat to a society. As a result, it is our duty to take an action. 

Born in one of these families, Esmail Zamanian had a very harsh childhood. His father, addicted to opium, as the only son of one of a Bakhtiari landlords lost all the family’s wealth in in a short period due to his disease. As a result, the talented young boy had to spend his time working to support the family financially rather than studying and reaching his way to university. He decided to address s this problem to help others whom are the victims of the same tragedy.  

We may not be able to help and support every and each family affected by this problem, yet we can support the best young researchers in the field to search, learn and teach the facts in this area and to tread the substance abusers through their researches. After all, substance abusers are victims themselves and they need us to help them to get out of such a situation.

Esmaeil Zamanian has started supporting addiction related researches in academia since 2002.  He is one of the main sponsors of the Neurocognitive Laboratory in Iranian National Center of Addiction Studies (INCAS) and many other research activities on drug addiction in Iran during these years. His support from addiction researchers has been continued till the day.

Here we are introducing Esmaeil Zamanian Addiction Medicine Award (EZAMA), for those young researchers who dedicate their life, talent and research to this field. The articles received by the EZAMA award committee, will be judged by 7 of top pioneers and masters in the field and the best 9 articles will be awarded. The aim of the award is to support, and enhance the young human resources for research in the substance abuse area.

First Prize (one person): Golden Statue and Total Bahare-e-Azadi Gold Coin
Second Prize (two people): Silver Statue and Half Bahare-e-Azadi Gold Coin
Third Prize (three people): Bronze Statue and Quarter Bahare-e-Azadi Gold Coin
Appreciation (four people): Honorary diploma and Quarter Bahare-e-Azadi Gold Coin

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